Your CV should be clear, current and detailed. Have your CV written before, check whether there has been any change since then. Provide your curriculum vitae for English translation, because it is almost everywhere you ask for it. If you are serious about working abroad, just attach an English or German CV to your registration.

As a matter of fact, our foreign partner will also ask you in the context of telephone interview , in this case, of course. When you come to us you will need to print an autographed photograph in English or German.

We do not ask for a registration or brokerage fee either in advance or postpone. You have to calculate your travel costs, meals, , the fees required to deal with official affairs, and if the employer does not provide accommodation, then the first monthly rent, deposit. Therefore you need to have your equity (from $ 100 to $ 250,000) to get started until you get your first payment.

Do not go abroad without language skills because it will probably only increase the number of unemployed people.

Our partners expect applicants who work for at least 3 months , but in many cases they hire employees for 6 to 12 months. We recommend low-cost airlines to travel. For jobs in Germany and the Netherlands, is a major advantage when someone has their own car.

your Spanish representation

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